Bespoke Handfasting Cords

Our online catalogue used to list a number of handfasting cords designs that kept in stock (all made by us) however we now only ever make to order with customer's own choice of colours, gemstones, etc.

This page shows some of the cords that we have made.

Amethyst Four Cord Spiral Braid

This beautiful handfasting cord was made of four lengths of satin twisted cord in white, lilac and gold, braided with to create a spiral effect.

Bespoke Handasting Cord Bespoke Handasting Cord

The silver chain to the bottom of each cord was finished with opalite and faceted amethyst beading and featured the following pagan silver charms:

The colours of the cords were as below:

White - corresponds with spirituality, cleansing, purity, perfection, innocence, integrity, healing, freedom, opportunity, forgiveness and acceptance It is also a colour of simple power. White carries the powers of all colours; it helps eliminate negative energy and create inner peace. It also corresponds to the Maiden form of the Triple Goddess.

Lilac corresponds to the crown chakra, inspiration, spirituality, the sacred, selflessness, tolerance, intuition, imagination, wealth, inner peace, security, protection, creativity, freedom and personal responsibility.

Gold corresponds to the solar system giving self confidence creativity, perfection and financial security

The total length was approximately 77 inches.

Crystal Pagan Three Cord Handfasting Cord

This cord was made of three lengths of satin twisted cord in purple, lilac and white with gold with lovely pearlised beading threaded through it.

Bespoke Handasting Cord Bespoke Handasting Cord

Bespoke Handasting CordThe silver chain to the bottom of each cord is finished with crystal beading and we have used the following Pagan silver charms to enhance this beautiful Cord:

The total length is approx 67 inches.

Red & Gold Spiral Braided Handfasting Cord

This four cord spiral braided handfasting cord was created in the colours requested for two customers who handfasted in June 2013.

Bespoke Handasting Cord

The satin cords are in a deep red, gold and white. Alas the colours are not good in the photograph as I couldn't photograph it in daylight because it was snowing outside!

The cord was finished with silver chain and measured approximately 69 inches in length. It featured the following charms:

The gemstones used were pure red coral and mother of pearl, each edged in silver.

Pinky Blue Handfasting Cord for Tracey

Bespoke Handasting Cord

Bespoke Handasting CordUsing colours that are both important to this customer, both spiritually and in regard to her personal energy... and also to match her gown, this cord is in pale blue, pink, lilac and white/gold was braided in a four cord pattern.

Gemstones are amethyst, blue agate, rose quartz and pearl with silver chains and charms including:

Please Note:

  1. All of the cords listed above were essentially one-off creations... but perhaps they've given you some ideas for your own personalised cord... in which case: please contact us.

  2. It can take a couple of weeks to source the materials for a bespoke cord, plus the time taken to make it and despatch it. Our online catalogue lists a range of cords that we endeavour to keep in stock and are therefore ready to go... so please take a look.

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