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Our constellation pendants are supplied on an elegant ribbon/thongFor millennia, man has observed the night sky and identified patterns in the stars. These patterns are used in both astrology (to make predictions) and astronomy (to define areas of the night sky).

The range of fused glass pendants offered on this page, pay homage to these patterns, and in particular, the traditional and ancient zodiac used for horoscopes, which defines 12 areas of the sky, across which the sun passes during the course of a year.

The dates for the 12 traditional zodiac signs are:

Jan 20 to Feb 18 - [product=GLASS-01A|Aquarius]
Feb 19 to Mar 20 - [product=GLASS-01B|Pisces]
Mar 21 to Apr 19 - [product=GLASS-01C|Aries]
Apr 20 to May 20 - [product=GLASS-01D|Taurus]
May 21 to Jun 20 - [product=GLASS-01E|Gemini]
Jun 21 to Jul 22 - [product=GLASS-01F|Cancer]
Jul 23 to Aug 22 - [product=GLASS-01G|Leo]
Aug 23 to Sep 22 - [product=GLASS-01H|Virgo]
Sep 23 to Oct 22 - [product=GLASS-01I|Libra]
Oct 23 to Nov 21 - [product=GLASS-01J|Scorpio]
Nov 22 to Dec 21 - [product=GLASS-01K|Sagittarius]
Dec 22 to Jan 19 - [product=GLASS-01L|Capricorn]

For the purpose of astronomy, Ophiuchus is included in the zodiac, and the date ranges are different. Indeed the date ranges used for the ancient 12 no longer correspond with the actual movement of the sun as they were defined long ago; however they are still used.

Further down this page you will find other constellations with which many people have an affinity. If the constellation with which you feel a connection is not listed, please feel free to contact us, as we are sure to be able to make it for you.

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