Round Bat Coaster

Round Bat CoasterI wondered what would happen if I took the design that I used for my Vampire Bat Coaster, and made it circular... and this is the result. Similarities between this and a certain superhero's emblem are therefore purely coincidental... and they are only similar, not the same.

Laser cut from 3mm thick, black acrylic, these coasters will be just the thing should anyone in a cape drop in for a cuppa... unless he has a big "S" on his chest in which case you might be advised to hide them under the sofa.

Coasters are supplied with self-adhesive "feet" which can be applied to the underside to prevent them slipping on shiny surfaces. We don't actually apply them because we think they're better without if used on a table cloth.

Code: COASTER-05

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This product can be found on our Brighid's Pagan Jewellery page, along with similar products that may be of interest to you.

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